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12s8p Battery Pack

$1,290.00 CAD

Built to order using genuine grade-A cells, featuring a Bluetooth BMS for real-time battery monitoring. Orders ship in 10 days or less.


Max Voltage: 50.4v
Capacity: 1451Wh - 33.6Ah
Max Discharge: 240-360A
Discharge Connection: XT90S Female
Charge Port: SF12
Max Charge Current: 13A

-12s8p Battery
-50.4v Charger
-Charge Port
-Extra Charge Port Fuse

Other Features:
-Supports discharge bypass (BMS for charging only)
-Features a Smart BMS with Bluetooth capability
-Allows user-replaceable charge port fuse
-Incorporates modular connectors (XT30/60/90, MR60) throughout.

chargers available separately, full SF12 charge port included on an XT60

Length: 16.6" (424mm)
Width: 6.8" (173mm)
Thick: 1.81" (46mm)
*BMS not included in dimensions, add another 2.5" to the length
This battery will fit the Boundmotor Octopus enclosure.

If you have different connectors for your ESC(ex. XT60) or charge port we can make it plug into your current wiring.

Built and shipped from Canada 🍁

IOS - https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/xiaoxiang-bms/id1375405426
Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marchingband.overkillsolar

VESC Settings:
These are the settings per motor, i.e. per side;
Battery Current Max: Input your ESC limit, if it can handle it, the battery packs limit is 180A
Battery Current Max Regen: -16.8A
Battery Voltage Cutoff Start: 39V
Battery Voltage Cutoff End: 36V

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