Image of Surron 72V 60Ah Battery

Surron 72V 60Ah Battery

$2,900.00 CAD - On sale

Orders ship in 2 weeks or less from the date of purchase.

All batteries are made with a QS8 connector and come with a QS8 wiring harness for the bike.

-4A Charger
-New Battery Tray
-QS8 Battery Harness

-Cell: LG M50LT 5000mah
-Configuration: 20s12p
-Max Voltage: 84V
-Capacity: 4320Wh / 60Ah
-Discharge Connection: Stock Supra or QS8
-Peak Power: 12,500W
-Max Discharge: 172a
-Max Charge Current: 20A

Other Features:
-Battery monitor screen installed on the top lid that displays battery percentage, voltage, and cell temperature.
-Discharge is bms bypassed for full, uninterrupted power (BMS is for charge only)
-Smart BMS with bluetooth monitoring.
-LP20 charge port is conveniently integrated into the side of the battery, allowing for quick and easy insertion of the charger.

Height: 18.5" (469mm)
Width: 5.7" (147mm)
Length: 6.2" (157mm)

Built and shipped from Canada 🍁

IOS - Xiaoxiang BMS - https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/xiaoxiang-bms/id1375405426
Android - Overkill Solar - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marchingband.overkillsolar

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