Image of Surron Turn Signal Kit

Surron Turn Signal Kit

$375.00 CAD

Video Install Guide - 1 hour install time

Integration and Activation:
-Utilizing the stock bike connectors, this kit offers a seamless plug-and-play solution for integrating low-profile, highly visible lights.
-The handlebar-mounted switch is easy to activate, delivering tactile feedback with every press.

Power Source:
-Uses power from the 5V USB, and includes an adapter so you can keep the bike's USB charging if you prefer.

Lighting Features:
-The tail light comes pre-applied with two signal lights attached.
-Two front lights designed to wrap around the front forks.

Additional Features:
-Doesn't replace USB.
-Quick plug and play install.
-Mounting holes to reinstall mudflap.

Kit includes:
- New tail light
- USB adapter
- x4 turn signal lights
- x1 handlebar switch
- cable clips, zipties

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